Advance Program as of November 2, 2012 (Details subject to change):


Navigating turbulent waters:

Strategies for mastering the new challenges facing the Ontario power system

The 24th Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

November 6 and 7, 2012

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, Ontario



The next 18 months in the Ontario power business are going to be unlike anything that’s come before. Along with procuring significant amounts of additional capacity, the sector will be dealing with a set of inter-related issues including renewables integration, SBG, increased volatility, and a restructuring of key central agencies, all while keeping an eye on the consumer’s ability to shoulder the resulting cost burden. How will the regulators and decision-makers manage these unprecedented challenges and what are the most strategic responses available to developers and investors in the generation sector?


"Bending the cost curve," a key policy driver, will underlie everything the sector does in the coming year: Join the most influential players and leading thinkers at APPrO 2012 as they grapple with the central question: How to continue to provide the public with a reliable, clean energy system while respecting the sanctity of contracts and the ability of customers to deal with power costs in economically challenging times. The APPrO 2012 conference will once again address the key challenges facing the power sector.


• Featuring the Power Networking Innovation Centre, the most comprehensive trade show in the Canadian power-gen field, highlighting exciting developments from Canada’s R&D community, brimming with vendors offering the latest in power generation technology.


The APPrO 2012 event will address the top issues of the day including:

• SBG (Surplus Baseload Generation), market volatility and export policy

• Renewables Integration

• FIT 2.0 - contract and commercial issues

• Implications of the IESO/OPA merger

• Managing consumer cost

• System reliability initiatives

• Financing in the current environment

• TransCanada PipeLines Mainline Tolls

• Nuclear industry developments

• Expectations for the next round of generation procurement

• Aboriginal and community-based power project development

• Transmission expansion and upgrading

• Alleviating approval challenges

• The role of gas in addressing system issues

• Options for achieving more meaningful price signals

• Distributed Generation



Program overview:

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Day 1:

Opening keynotes on “The Physics and the Politics'

Developer Perspectives on the top issues of the day

Direction-setting discussion with senior regulatory, planning and grid management executives

Nuclear industry perspectives

Project finance in the current environment

OPA Update on renewables procurement

Aboriginal Power Perspectives

Transmission and distribution

The APPrO 2012 Canadian Power Banquet dinner presented by BLG featuring the Hon. Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy

Live presentations in the Power Networking Centre


Day 2:

Opening keynote – Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader

Market Evolution – Achieving truer price signals

Gas market – issues of concern for power generation

Approval issues for renewable power projects

Keynote – Andrea Horwath, Ontario NDP Leader

Procurement principles

Managing the impacts of curtailment – wind and solar

Political Issues Panel



Tuesday, November 6, 2012:


Location for the morning plenary: Hall F


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Daybreak Coffee hosted by APPrO 2012 sponsors


8:25 a.m.         Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

Stephen Somerville, Competitive Power Ventures, Inc.


8:35 am           The Physics: Outlook for Electricity Demand and Supply in Ontario

Keynote:          Amir Shalaby, Ontario Power Authority


8:55 am           The Politics: Key factors in public opinion driving the energy sector

Keynote:          Greg Lyle, Innovative Research Group Inc.



9:15 am           The Developer’s Panel: What are the top priorities for improving the system in the coming year?

What will make the system more efficient and productive?


Linda Bertoldi, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP: Moderator

Isadore Day, Chief of the Serpent River First Nation and Regional Grand Chief, Lake Huron Region

Paul Eastman, Vice President, Eastern Operations, Power Division of Veresen Inc.

Colin Edwards, Senior Developer, Pattern Energy

Mike Crawley, President and CEO, GDF Suez (International Power Canada)


10:15 am         Coffee break

Hosted by Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Ltd.


11:00 am         The evolution of policy and regulation: The critical touch-points


Rosemarie Leclair, Chair, Ontario Energy Board

Colin Andersen, CEO, Ontario Power Authority

Paul Murphy, CEO, Independent Electricity System Operator

George Vegh, McCarthy Tetrault LLP: Moderator


* How is Ontario’s system for grid planning evolving?

* How completely will the proposed rules for renewables integration cover the field?

* Will there be enough transmission?

* What impacts will the new rules have on the procurement of contracts?

* Are approval processes entering a new phase of development?

* Can the OPA-IESO merger expedite the contracting process?

* Is an integrated framework emerging for gas, renewables and flexible nuclear, that will allow for future contract terms and grid management practices to be optimized in a co-ordinated fashion?

* Where will certainty come from?



12:00 pm         Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP


12:45 pm         APPrO Annual General Meeting

(Members only)

Location: Room 710



All the following sessions take place in Room 801 unless otherwise noted.


1:00 pm           Improving certainty for major infrastructure projects


Frank Chiarotto, Senior Vice-President Hydro-Thermal Operations, Ontario Power Generation Inc.

John Beck, CEO, Aecon Group Inc.

William Sutherland, Manulife Financial Corporation

Lisa DeMarco, Norton Rose: Improving Regulatory Certainty

Gordon Kaiser, JAMS ADR: The potential for reducing uncertainty through regulatory reform

Moderator: Ken Pearce, Blakes


Simultaneous programming in breakout format:


2:00 pm            Update on Procurement and Contract issues for Renewables

Procurement forum with the OPA - What's new with the OPA’s current programs and anticipated changes. Resolving issues for generators as they prepare to begin commercial operation. Contract management practices going forward for new and existing renewable contract holders.

Shawn Cronkwright, Ontario Power Authority

Jim MacDougall, Compass Renewable Energy Consulting Inc. and Ryerson's Centre for Urban Energy

Moderator: Shane Freitag, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Location: Room 803



3:00 pm           Coffee Break

Hosted by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP



3:30 pm            Keynote: Peter Gregg, Executive Vice President - Operations, Hydro One Networks


3:45 pm           Is the system for T&D development working as intended? What’s needed to facilitate generation connections?


Moderator: Charles Keizer, Torys LLP

Jerry Vaninetti, Sr. Vice-President Transmission, RES Americas: Building transmission for new generation in Ontario, what’s working well and what’s not

Mark Rodger, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP: The experience of developers, including First Nations, in using the new framework

Jack Simpson, Toronto Hydro: Infrastructure and smart technology options for integrating generation in a heavily-loaded urban system

Paul Grod, Rodan Energy: Effective use of distributed energy resources to enhance grid efficiency and reliability



Simultaneous joint programming in co-ordination with OSEA:


3:30 pm           Aboriginal perspectives on power: What developers and communities need to know

* Working effectively with First Nations and Metis in the FIT 2.0 program

* Anticipating and managing critical business risks

* Understanding inter-territorial issues, recognizing the “uncharted waters'

* Aboriginal leaders and experts on the most notable challenges and successes they have seen.

Moderator: Merv McLeod, McLeod Wood Associates

Hillary Thatcher, Ontario Power Authority, Director of First Nations and Métis Relations

Kathleen Padulo, Chiefs of Ontario

Isadore Day, Chief of the Serpent River First Nation and Regional Grand Chief, Lake Huron Region

Graham Findlay, 3G Energy Corp.: The M’Chigeeng Wind Project

Melanie Paradis, NATIONAL Public Relations: How to integrate the concerns of multiple First Nations and Métis communities during consultation and business development


Admission to this event is free of charge but pre-registration is required, if you aren’t already an APPrO conference delegate. Click here for further information. Here is the link for pre-registration:


Location: Room 803



5:00 pm           Reception in the Power Networking Centre

Hosted by 2012 Power Networking Centre event sponsors, to be announced


6:00 pm           The APPrO 2012 Canadian Power Banquet dinner presented by BLG

Hosted by Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Location: Hall F


7:00 pm            Keynote speech:

                        Hon. Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy


The Hedley Palmer Award


8:30 pm           Power Mixer at the Steam Whistle Brewery

Hosted by Blakes

Location: Steam Whistle Brewery, 255 Bremner Blvd.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012:


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by Torys LLP


8:30 am           Keynote: Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader


9:00 am            Realistic options for getting to truer and more effective price signals

In the ongoing effort to refine the market and improve price fidelity, where is progress most likely to come from? In a hybrid market like Ontario’s where capacity is assured through contracts, what are the critical functions that the price must serve?


Bruce Campbell, Vice President of Resource Integration, IESO

Neil Campbell, Market Surveillance Panel

Cliff Hamal, Navigant Economics

Rob Cary, President, Robert Cary & Associates Inc. and APPrO director

Moderator: Georges Arbache, KPMG Ltd.



10:00 am         Coffee break

Hosted by Veresen Inc.


10:30 am          The ever-changing gas market – how generators are responding


Moderator: Richard King, Norton Rose Canada LLP


Innovations in contracting for gas

- How generators are adapting the pricing and structure of fuel contracts to fit a range of thermal procurement situations

- What’s required to secure 20 year fuel contracts

Stephen Somerville, Competitive Power Ventures


Overview of Ontario regulatory activities of concern to gas-fired generators

John Wolnik, GSA Energy Company Inc.


Summary of TCPL ML Tolls case, and update on other ratemaking issues

Ian Mondrow, Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP


Union’s upstream projects including Parkway West, Dawn Expansions and the NEXUS project

Clancy O’Hara, Union Gas Limited


Enbridge’s GTA Reinforcement project - Growing gas supply needs in the GTA

Malini Giridhar, Enbridge Inc.


The continental picture

Bruce Henning, ICF International



Simultaneous programming in breakout format:


10:30 am         Project approvals and positive community relations

Whether a project is Aboriginal, co-operative, community-owned or private, ensuring there is support from the community as well as the required official approvals is key. What are the essential ingredients for success in public and legal terms?

Jake Sadikman, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP: Moderator


Overview from the Ministry on the first three years of the REA system

Doris Dumais, Ontario Ministry of the Environment


REA appeals: What can be learned from the experience to date

Adam Chamberlain. Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


Scientific assessment of health risk

Christopher Ollson, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences


What’s behind a good community relationship?

Christine Koenig, Koenig & Consultants


Developer’s view on what would reduce risk

Anthony Zlahtic, Capital Power


Location: Room 803



12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by Northland Power, the APPrO 2012 Platinum sponsor



1:00 pm            Keynote

Andrea Horwath, Leader, Ontario NDP


1:30 pm           Future generation procurement – opportunities, principles and proposals

Starting with a re-examination of the supply and demand forecasts for Ontario, this session will look at the need for and timing of new generation resources in the near future. What do the most realistic projections tell us about the design of the next round of procurement?

- How should future procurement operate given the expected merger of the OPA and the IESO?

- What else is needed to create the right conditions for new generation investment?

Moderator: Jim Harbell, Stikeman Elliott

Jason Chee-Aloy, Power Advisory LLC: Where are the generation opportunities, considering alternative long term supply demand scenarios

Jim MacDougall, Compass Renewable Energy Consulting Inc. and Ryerson's Centre for Urban Energy:  Smaller scale distributed generation in future procurements, including renewables and CHP

Questions and Discussion

Location: Room 801


Simultaneous programming in breakout format:


1:30 pm           Curtailment of wind and solar generation: Quantifying and managing the impact on RES and FIT contracts

How will the IESO’s plans for renewables integration affect FIT and RES generators? What options are available for managing the impacts?

Darren Finkbeiner, IESO

Todd Williams, Navigant Consulting

Valerie Helbronner, Torys LLP

Moderator: Ernie Belyea, Bennett Jones LLP

Questions and discussion

Location: Room 803



2:30 pm           Coffee break

Hosted by APPrO 2012 Sponsors


2:45 pm           The APPrO Political Issues Panel

What are the most important choices that the government will have to face in the coming year?

Thoughts on how to manage the polarization of public opinion on broad supply choice issues like shale gas, wind energy, oil sands, and nuclear power

How to ensure that future public policy takes full account of the physical characteristics of the power system

What will it take to make the next 5 years of governance a success in energy terms?

Moderator: Sean Conway, Gowling, Lafleur Henderson LLP

Charlie Macaluso, President and CEO, Electricity Distributors Association

Rob Silver, Crestview Strategy

Will Stewart, Navigator Limited

Dave Butters, APPrO



4:30 pm           “Networking Connector" Closing Reception

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott LLP


Location: Conference Foyer




Simultaneous programming in the Power Networking Centre


Using Asset Management to Build Capital Budgets

Ian Woodbury, Riva Modeling Systems

November 6, 10 am to 11:00 am


How to use smart meters to maximize the ROI from generation

Steve Bleier, AMETEK Power Instruments

November 6, 12:15 to 12:45 pm


New issues in grounding for generation facilities

Andreas Moeschl, Bender Canada Inc.

November 6, 1:00 to 2:00 pm


An alternative enterprise data platform

Brendan Wesolowski, Emerson Process Management 

November 6, 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm


New issues in grounding for generation facilities

Andreas Moeschl, Bender Canada Inc.

November 7, 10:00 am to 11:00 am


How EVs will benefit the electricity sector

Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug’n Drive Ontario

November 7, 11:30 am to 12 noon


An alternative enterprise data platform

Brendan Wesolowski, Emerson Process Management 

November 7, 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm




All program details are subject to change without notice.

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