Exhibit at APPrO 2015

Get access to hundreds of the industry's key power generation industry professionals at the APPrO 2015 Power Networking Centre.



APPrO 2015 and the Power Networking Centre is the Canadian power industry's premiere event spanning all technologies. There is literally no other event like it. 


If your company is doing business in the Canadian power generation industry, APPrO attendees are among your best customers and prospects. APPrO delegates have the highest industry pedigree - they are the top executives, CEOs, Directors and Managers representing the majority of the generation companies in the province and across Canada.





APPrO 2015 is the place to meet and engage with the people who need your products and services. Let them know who you are and what you have to offer. Connect with them at APPrO 2015!




APPrO 2015 Power Networking Centre is the only power industry event that offers you a full turnkey exhibit booth package with all the trimmings.












You won't find such a broad spectrum of power generation industry players elsewhere at the same place and time. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 416-322-6549 ext. 226 for more details about getting your company in front of the people in power.





Exclusive Marketing Package for Exhibitors


Take advantage of the Exhibitor Power Pack and get even more profile at APPrO 2015. This exclusive offer for exhibitors only is designed to give you that front and centre profile that sets you apart from the rest at the Canadian Power Conference & Networking Centre.  This package includes over $3,000 in advertising and additional print profile.



Become an APPrO Sponsor


Boost your profile even further – become an APPrO Sponsor! APPrO sponsorship comes in a wide range of options suitable for every budget and strategy. Don’t see what you want in the menu – customize! Make your own unique mark at APPrO 2015!



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   Register to a attend the full conference, visit the exhibit hall or purchase a ticket to the banquet dinner  









Please beware of groups that have approached other APPrO exhibitors in the past and may be active now without APPrO’s approval or knowledge: the Fair Guide, Expo-Guide and Event-Fair.  There may be other similar groups active in approaching APPrO exhibitors and sponsors.


You may receive solicitations by mail or email from for the Fair Guide (from its publisher Construct Data) or Expo-Guide (from its publisher Commercial Online Manuals) or Event-Fair which use the name APPrO or the Association of Power Producers.  We are NOT affiliated with any of those companies.


           Construct Data currently operates out of Slovakia (previously from Austria and Germany

           The Expo-Guide currently operates out of Mexico

           Event-Fair currently operates out of Slovakia




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