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APPrO 2016


The 28th Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

November 15 and 16, 2016

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, Ontario



* Market evolution

* Disruptive technology

* Ontario’s new planning system

* Cap and trade

* Procurement


New technology is coming into the power system. New players are moving in and new business drivers are taking over. Generators will make new allies and confront new competitors. Transmission and distribution utilities will be re-shaped and start operating alongside hybrid entities whose pace resembles IT more than civil engineering. Regulatory rules and public policy will be challenged to stay current. Omni-channel relationships will become a key part of future business ventures. APPrO 2016 is where leading players will form their plans and address what’s needed to thrive in the power market ahead.

• Presented in association with the Power Networking Centre, featuring the Symposium on Creative Disruption, with trade show and networking opportunities highlighting the latest developments in technology, finance and business impacting the power sector.


The APPrO 2016 event will address the top issues of the day including:

• The impact of technology change and new market entrants

• Financing issues at play in the current environment

• Expectations for future generation procurement

• Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan

• Nuclear refurbishment and development expectations

• The mandates, structure and governance of the central agencies

• Earning public acceptance for the development and siting of new generation projects

• Options for achieving more meaningful price signals

• Ontario’s Connection Assessment and Regional Planning processes

• Cyber-Security for generators

• Distributed Generation and Micro-grids



Program overview:

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Day 1:

Opening keynote and generator panel on priorities for managing change

Preparing for industry transformation

The Culture of Change

Bruce Campbell, CEO of the IESO

Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP)

Cap-and-trade for Ontario – Ministry presentation and panel discussion

Cap and trade breakout

Ontario’s nuclear refurbishments

Power project finance

Speed Mentoring

APPrO 2016 banquet dinner and award presentations


Day 2:

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader

Market evolution priorities

Renewable Procurement

Meeting of Ontario’s CHP Consortium, hosted by QUEST


Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Report from Alberta

Political Issues Panel


The Symposium on Creative Disruption  

Electrifying transportation: Evolution or revolution?

The disruptors: How new players will change the game

Micro-grids and the LDCs of the future


Joint presentations offered as part of APPrO 2016 and the Symposium on Creative Disruption:

The evolving connection assessment and planning process in Ontario




Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Location for the morning plenary: Room 714


7:30 a.m.         Registration opens


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Daybreak Coffee hosted by McCarthy Tetrault

Location: Outside Room 714


8:30 a.m.         Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

Stephen Somerville, H2O Power LP


8:35 am           Opening keynote

Éric Martel, CEO of Hydro-Québec


9:00 am           Setting directions: What generators are concerned about

Brief overviews from key players: What are the most critical issues decision-makers will need to face in the next 18 months? Technology changes, public policy choices, and evolving customer relationships are starting points.

How should generators, other market participants, regulators and policy makers prepare for these changes?


Dan Dolan, President, New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA)

Dave Butters, President of APPrO, Association of Power Producers of Ontario

Paul Kariya, Executive Director, Clean Energy BC

Jon Norman, Brookfield Renewable

Linda Bertoldi, BLG Canada: Moderator


9:30 am           The Forces of Change

What’s ahead for the power industry, and which forces for change are most likely to shape the agenda?

What does the utility of the future look like? Which of the traditional utility functions will be taken over by non-utility players? How will simultaneous decarbonization and expansion of electrical infrastructure play out against all the other shape-shifting going on? How will the wholesale power market need to adapt to reflect technology change?


Moderator: Mike Crawley, Northland Power

Paul Murphy, Advanced Energy Centre, MaRS

Neetika Sathe, Vice President, Corporate Development, PowerStream Inc.

Paul Tyno, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, and Peak Load Management Alliance

George Vegh, McCarthy Tetrault LLP


Brief opening comments followed by interactive discussion addressing areas like the following:

What changes are most likely to disrupt the business in your view?

If a power company wants to thrive in the market ahead, on what principles will it need to build its future business?

What impacts do you see on the operation of the market from decarbonization?

Is response capability likely to significantly displace capacity as a desired characteristic of new resources?

How is the value proposition for purchasers of electricity likely to change as we go through this transition?

What forms of procurement work best in a volatile, changing and fragmented market like this?

What can government and other stakeholders do to help prepare the public for the changes ahead? 


10:15 am         Coffee break

Hosted by APPrO

Location: Inside the Power Networking Centre


10:45 am          The Culture of Change: Leveraging emerging professionals

How to deploy the full potential of a new generation of professionals and what research tells us about how they can help organizations gain strategic advantage.

Mabel Fulford and Reena Goyal, Young Professionals in Energy


11:00 am         Keynote: Bruce Campbell, CEO of the IESO


11:15 am         The Planning Framework under stress

Ontario’s LTEP: Where it stands and where it’s likely to go. Making planning more proactive and meaningful, considering the changing landscape and risk factors. How would the grid respond to increased electrification? Key stakeholders active in the planning process will address the current status of the LTEP and the public consultation process around it.


How well is Ontario’s planning process set up to:

a) Co-ordinate the LTEP, regional plans and the system’s technical requirements

b) Ensure electricity requirements are reflected in municipal land use plans

c) Align with public expectations as per the “Engaging Local Communities in Ontario’s Electricity Planning Continuum” report of August 2013

d) Recognize and manage risk.


Moderator: Sean Conway

Dan Goldberger, Perpetual Energy Solutions: Key messages extracted from comments on LTEP received by APPrO to date

Michael Reid, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic, Network and Agency Policy Division, Ontario Ministry of Energy

Jason Chee-Aloy, Power Advisory LLP


12:00 pm         Lunch in the Networking Centre

Hosted by APPrO


12:30 pm          APPrO Annual General Meeting

(Members only)

Location: Room 710



All the following sessions take place in Room 714 unless otherwise noted.



1:00 pm            The role of cap and trade in meeting the challenge of a new long term climate change strategy for Ontario

Heather Pearson, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change


1:20 pm           Panel discussion: How to ensure a productive and workable system for cap and trade in Ontario?

The impact of Ontario’s cap and trade regime on energy markets

Options for improving the mechanics of Ontario’s cap and trade system

Are we organized to ensure money is spent in the most effective way possible on energy infrastructure?

How does CCAP square with the LTEP?

A multi-sector group of experts will share their insights on cap-and-trade and related aspects of the Climate Action Plan: The state of play in Ontario and beyond; design options & potential impacts; and considerations for Ontario as it moves forward with implementation and linkages.

Moderator: Adam Chamberlain, BLG Canada

Duncan Rotherham, ICF International: Ontario’s CCAP and LTEP - where synchronicity is apparent and not and the prospects for electrification

Kathleen Spees, The Brattle Group: The interaction of power markets, clean energy investments, and CO2 pricing. Parallels from New England’s experience.

David Nussbaum, Evolution Markets Inc.: Design advice from experience in US carbon markets

Owen Schneider, Enbridge Gas Distribution: The value of Ontario’s integrated approach for development of gas and electricity systems, and how it can be further leveraged.

Joan Byng, Union Gas Limited: The role of natural gas in delivering affordable, balanced solutions to meet climate change goals


3:00 pm           Coffee Break

Hosted by APPrO

Location: Inside the Power Networking Centre


Simultaneous breakout:

3:30 pm          Potential next steps in the development of cap and trade in Ontario

Moderator: Travis Allan, DeMarco Allan

Stephen McComb, Intercontinental Exchange, ICE: How exchange trading works; Experience in other emissions trading markets; Key issues in facilitating the development of a healthy market in Ontario.

Nicolas Girod, ClearBlue Markets: How to minimize costs of compliance. The prospects for development of a vibrant offset market.

Robyn Gray, Sussex Strategy Group: Ensuring that LTEP recognizes the practical implications of CCAP and the cap and trade program. Finding political solutions.

Location: Room 716B


3:30 pm           What’s needed for successful nuclear refurbishments in Ontario

Pierre Tremblay, AECOM Canada


3:45 pm           The state of power project finance

 How are investment criteria changing in the debt and equity markets?

 What makes Ontario attractive?

 M&A, refinancing, take-outs and LRP I

 How are people going about funding small projects?

 Trends and rates of return for take-outs and asset sales

 Does the Climate Action Plan make it easier or harder to finance new infrastructure?


Moderator: Chris Ball, Corpfinance International

Jeff Norman, Algonquin Power Co.

Gaurav Mittal, Canada Life

Matt O’Brien, Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure

Alain Longpre, Natixis


5:00 pm           Reception in the Power Networking Centre

Hosted by APPrO


6:00 pm           Banquet dinner

Co-hosted by Borden Ladner Gervais LLP & Northland Power

Location: Room 701


7:00 pm           Banquet Keynote:

                        Hon. Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy


Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) Woman of the Year Award

The Hedley Palmer Award


8:00 pm           President's Mixer

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott LLP

Location: Outside room 701



Wednesday, November 16, 2016:

All sessions are located in Room 714 unless otherwise noted.


7:30 a.m.         Registration opens


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by TransCanada

Location: Pre-function area outside Room 714


8:45 a.m.         Opening session

Keynote speaker: Patrick Brown, Leader of the PC Party of Ontario


9:15 a.m.         Setting market evolution priorities, today and in the future

Market participants share their perspectives:

 What kind of market renewal is important to the major categories of market participants?

 Where do they see the market going?

 Can the market operate efficiently with all the new requirements implied by the climate action plan?

 What do each of the stakeholders mean when they talk about achieving good governance?

 Is there a viable business model for distributed power trades operating in parallel with the current wholesale market?

 What should be in the brief and mandate for the regulator and the grid operator?

To see the background discussion used in developing the agenda for this session, please visit the open discussion pages on LinkedIn at this location.


Moderator: Brian Rivard, Charles River Associates

JoAnne Butler, Vice-President, Market and Resource Development, IESO

Judah Rose, ICF International

Mark Passi, AMPCO, Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario

Rob Coulbeck, Goreway Power Station

Sarah Griffiths, EnerNOC


10:15 a.m.       Coffee break

Hosted by Veresen Inc.

Location: Inside the Power Networking Centre


10:45 am         Renewable Energy Procurement

Implementation issues with LRP I and lessons learned

The framework for future renewable procurement, including procurement process options under consideration

Ontario's net metering regulation - opportunities and challenges

Shawn Cronkwright, Director of Renewables Procurement, IESO

Jim MacDougall, President, Compass Renewable Energy Consulting Inc.

Moderator: John Vellone, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


Simultaneous breakouts:


10:00 am          Meeting of Ontario’s CHP Consortium, hosted by QUEST

Moderator: Richard Laszlo, Director, Research & Strategic Initiatives, QUEST

This special meeting of Ontario’s CHP Consortium will include a lively discussion among CHP subject matter experts on various topics, including: CHP and Ontario's evolving energy and climate policy framework; interconnection rules and processes; as well as a customer-focused review of the process for reviewing feasibility studies and project proposals.

Location: Room 715


In the Power Networking Centre:


10:30 am         Cybersecurity for generators: Why meeting NERC standards is no longer sufficient

For details see Cybersecurity session outline below within the APPrO Technical Conference.



12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

To be hosted by APPrO 2016 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event.


1:00 pm           Keynote: Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Dr. Dianne Saxe will share her thoughts on the province’s Climate Change program and the system for overseeing the development of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). Ontario's Environmental Commissioner is a Legislative Officer with wide scope to review and comment on public policy and government programs.


1:30 pm           Report from Alberta

How is the market shaping up? The Renewable RFP? Advice for the NDP.

Moderator: Pelino Colaiacovo, Morrison Park Advisors

Kris Aksomitis, Power Advisory LLC

John Kousinioris, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary, TransAlta Corp.

Evan Bahry, Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta



2:30 pm           Coffee break

To be hosted by APPrO 2016 sponsors

Location: Pre-function area outside Room 714


3:00 pm           How the politics of electricity will evolve

If a governing party wants to thrive in the market ahead, on what principles will it need to build its policy framework?

Will energy sector disruption cause political disruption or vice versa?

What are the realistic new opportunities for additional federal-provincial policy collaboration?

Is federal regulation evolving in ways that recognize what’s happening in Ontario?

Moderator: Dwight Duncan, McMillan LLP

Mark Cameron, Canadians for Clean Prosperity

Aaron Dobbin, StrategyCorp Inc.

Mike Van Soelen, Navigator Limited

Peter Tabuns, MPP




All program details are subject to change without notice.

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Simultaneous joint programming in the Power Networking Centre:


Creative Disruption Symposium

Parallel APPrO conference on technology and innovation

November 15 – 16, 2016



New technology is going to re-shape the electric power system. This is the place to find out how it will work, hearing directly from the innovators with business plans already in motion. Distributed Generation, storage, Small Modular Reactors, micro-grids, Demand Response and more.


Storage: What are the near-term prospects for additional deployment?

Demand Response: Is it likely to grow more quickly than the rest of the system?

The role of Microgrids in expediting deployment of new technologies

PV and other forms of distributed generation: Relative or absolute cost declines?


Tuesday, November 15, 2016:


10:45 am         Electrifying transportation: Evolution or revolution?

How is electrification of transportation likely to change the system? The greening of transportation via use of electricity or electricity derived fuels is being incentivized by government to advance the de-carbonization agenda.  Will this be implemented in an orderly fashion driven by economics or will it be a free for all rife with unintended consequences?  This session will explore various scenarios – with special emphasis on potential impacts on the Ontario grid.


Moderator: Bob Stasko, Science Concepts International

Andrew Pietrewicz, IESO: Early analysis on impacts of EV uptake

Bob Oliver, Tech K.O.: How Germany is electrifying its railways with hydrogen, and why it matters to Ontario  

Cara Clairman, Plug N Drive: Government policy on PEV adoption in Ontario

Matt Fairlie, Hydrogen Business Council: Work with automakers to build out H2 infrastructure

Dan Guatto, Vice President, Burlington Hydro Inc.: EV integration


1:15 pm           The disruptors: How new players will change the game

To understand the transformation ahead you need to know what each of the new players has to offer, what makes them tick, and how they could impact the system going forward.


Moderator: Dan McGillivray, Ryerson University

Sunita Chander, Ontario Ministry of Energy: How Ontario can be a world leader in transformative technology

Mark Tinkler, Customized Energy Solutions: Energy storage planning

J. Christopher Reid, Rodan Energy Solutions Inc.: The potential for expanded use of Demand Response

Tim Biggs, Temporal Power Ltd.: Developing replicable business propositions in Ontario

Neil Alexander, Bucephalus Consulting: Small Modular Reactors - Why they could shake up the energy landscape


2:30 pm                       Coffee break


3:00 pm           Micro-grids and the LDCs of the future

 How are micro-grids likely to fit in as part of the evolution of LDCs?

 Can they be a part of LDCs and an alternative to LDCs at the same time?

 Do they represent a viable market for generation and storage?

 What kinds of steps should LDCs consider to reflect the new realities?


Moderator: Todd Williams, Navigant

Todd Wilcox, North Bay Hydro and Chair, Electricity Distributors Association

Roger Lin, NEC Energy Solutions, Inc.

Keyvan Cohanim, Opus One Solutions

Andrew Melchers, Siemens Canada Limited

Gordon Kaiser, Energy Arbitration Chambers: The LDC of the Future: A New Regulatory Model


4:15 pm           Speed Mentoring

Hosted by WiRE (Women in Renewable Energy)


Wednesday, November 16, 2016:

Joint presentations offered as part of APPrO 2016 and the Symposium on Creative Disruption


9:00 am           The evolving connection assessment and planning process in Ontario

Bob Chow, Transmission Integration, IESO: Regional Planning as it relates to project development

Ahmed Maria, Market and System Operations, IESO: The Connection Assessment process

Travis Lusney, Power Advisory LLP: Connection Assessment experience

Moderator: Patrick Duffy, Stikeman Elliott LLP



10:00 am         Coffee break



10:30 am         Cybersecurity for generators: Why meeting NERC standards is no longer sufficient

 How cyber threats are evolving

 How is the proliferation of DG and smart grid technology changing the risk profile for the system as a whole?

 How investments are predicated on risk profile

 The OEB Cyber-Security Framework policy consultation


Jason Hammerschmidt, IESO

Stuart Wright, Ontario Energy Board

Carl Hayes, Vice President, Stratejm Inc.

Moderator: Ruby Rai, AIG Canada




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