Rough preliminary Conference Program as of September 12, 2017 (Details subject to change)



APPrO 2017

Future + Focus

The 29th Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

November 20 and 21, 2017

Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, Toronto, Ontario



The power industry is undergoing historic shifts, creating new industries and leaving old ones behind. Market participants are either driving game-change, or responding to it. Prepare to break away from the pack or build co-ventures with those who do. Standing pat is not an option. Be part of the unfolding of a new energy industry, as critical choices are made and alliances forged at APPrO 2017, the 29th annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre.


Don’t miss APPrO’s timely engaged discussion on key topics like:

* Market Renewal: Where are we headed, and how far have we gotten?

* Politics: The final months before Ontario’s 2018 election

* Technology: What technology is dropping costs and attracting consumers most effectively?

* Alberta: The fastest moving market in Canada

* The refurbs: Canada’s largest infrastructure investment - how will they fit into Ontario’s evolving electricity sector?

* LDCs: Where are the boundaries moving to?

* Governance: Putting the sector on a firmer foundation.


• Presented in association with the Power Networking Centre, featuring exhibit and networking opportunities highlighting the latest developments in technology, finance and business impacting the power sector.



The APPrO 2017 event will address the top issues of the day including:

• The impact of technology change and new market entrants

• The mandates, structure and governance of the central agencies

• Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan

• Making the most of the new markets for attributes and offsets in Ontario

• Nuclear refurbishment and development expectations

• Fostering public engagement in the development and siting of new generation projects

• Gas market changes that impact power generation

• Options for improving the markets and achieving more meaningful price signals

• Distributed Generation

• Financing issues at play in the current environment



Program overview:

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Day 1:

Opening keynote and generator panel on plans and priorities

Industry transformation

Ontario’s nuclear refurbishments

Keynote with the CEO of the IESO

Can Ontario be proactive about the changes ahead?

Big ideas and challenging concepts

The market for natural gas as a key pillar of the power system  – potential changes ahead

Cap-and-trade in Ontario

Ontario Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault, APPrO 2017 banquet dinner and award presentations


Day 2:

Pat Brown, Ontario PC Leader

Market evolution priorities

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Market Update led by QUEST

Deregulating local generation

The Power of diversity

Report from Alberta

Political Issues Panel


In the Power Networking Area:

Speed Mentoring

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Market Update led by QUEST

Carbon Workshop led by IETA (International Emission Trading Association)



Monday, November 20, 2017


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

Daybreak Coffee hosted by McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Location: Inside the Frontenac Ballroom


8:30 a.m.         Opening Remarks

Stephen Somerville, H2O Power LP, Conference Chair

Karen Farbridge, Community energy consultant and previous mayor of Guelph


Plenary sponsor: Navigant


8:40 am           Opening keynote

Jan Vrins, Navigant

“Navigating the Energy Transformation”


9:00 am           Setting directions: What generators are concerned about

Brief overviews from key players: What are the most critical issues decision-makers will need to face in the next 18 months? (Technology changes, public policy choices, and customer relationship evolution, among other developments.)

How should generators, other market participants, regulators and policy makers prepare for the market ahead?


Linda Bertoldi, BLG Canada: Moderator

Dan Dolan, President, New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA)

Evan Bahry, President, IPPSA

Other speakers, TBA


9:30 am           Identifying the most critical forces of change

What’s ahead for the power industry, and which forces for change are most likely to shape the agenda? How will the balance shift between service providers and customers, and between traditional utilities and non-utility players? How can systems of governance be adapted to ensure the oversight framework keeps pace with technology change? Are de-carbonization, re-electrification and digitization the critical trends, or are more subtle changes underway?


Jan Vrins, Global Energy Practice Leader, Navigant

Ron Dizy, Advanced Energy Centre, MaRS

Brian Bentz, CEO, Alectra Utilities

Ted Willcocks, Manulife

Ted Graham, Head of Open Innovation at GM (invited)

Brief opening comments followed by interactive discussion addressing areas like the following:

What developments are most likely to disrupt the business in your view?

Can the market operate efficiently with the new requirements of the Climate Action Plan?

What can be done to improve governance and the value proposition for consumers?

How to value non-emitting capacity in the markets of the future.

What qualities will characterize the companies who succeed in the years ahead?




10:15 am         Coffee break

To be hosted by APPrO 2017 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event.


10:45 am         Keynote: Peter Gregg, President and CEO of the IESO


11:00 am         The Darlington Refurbishment: Canada’s Largest Clean Energy Project

Glenn Jager, President of OPG Nuclear


11:15 am         Can Ontario be proactive about the changes ahead?

Leading analysts will discuss the options for reconciling policy objectives with the requirements for functional markets. Considering the growing tension between how wholesale market design and public policy choices that do not quite square with the markets, what’s likely to make for a better fit in future?


Moderator: Dan Dolan, President, New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA)


Jason Chee-Aloy, Power Advisory LLP

Kathleen Spees, The Brattle Group



12:00 pm        Lunch in the Networking Centre

To be hosted by APPrO 2017 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event.


12:30 pm        APPrO Annual General Meeting

(Bay Room - Members only)



All the following sessions take place in the Frontenac Ballroom unless otherwise noted.


1:00 pm          Keynote: Hon. Chris Ballard, Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change (invited)


1:15 pm          Big ideas and challenging concepts

Innovative initiatives that are already changing the way business is done in the energy sector.


What major energy consumers are looking for, when they line up services from Canadian power producers: Francisca Quinn, Quinn & Partners

Why proactive resilience is becoming core to corporate strategy: Alec Hay, CEO of Southern Harbour

How innovative finance is bringing more generation to the market: Jonathan Frank, CoPower

How peer-to-peer markets will change the power sector: Scott Kessler, The Brooklyn Microgrid and LO3 Energy



2:10 pm           Designing viable market-based mechanisms for gas services in the next business cycle

Several transformational initiatives underway are expected to impact gas-fired generators directly: Market renewal, expanded energy and capacity exports, nuclear rebuild, changes in NUG contracts, and possible changes in CES contracts. These activities may result in gas fired generators being dispatched differently than today and/or requirements for different fuel supply structures. This in turn may lead to different utilization of current gas services and possibly requirements for different upstream gas services. While these changes may seem to be several years away, it is important that gas utilities and upstream gas service suppliers are party to the conversation.


Jim Redford, Vice President, Union Gas: State of the industry overview

Steve McGill, Enbridge: Innovations in gas market development

Heather Sears, Workbench Group: The kinds of services that might be of interest in future


Plenary sponsor: Union Gas


Breakout session:


2:00 pm          Panel discussion: How to ensure a productive and workable system for cap and trade in Ontario?

 The impact of Ontario’s cap and trade regime on energy markets

 The IESO approach to managing contract changes

 How does CAP square with the LTEP?

A multi-sector group of experts will share their insights on cap-and-trade and related aspects of the Climate Action Plan: The state of play in Ontario and beyond; design options & potential impacts; and considerations for Ontario as it moves forward with implementation and linkages.

Moderator: Lisa DeMarco, DeMarco Allan LLP




3:00 pm          Coffee Break

Hosted by Enbridge


3:30 pm           What are the realistic options for strengthening governance of the electricity sector in Ontario?

Speakers TBA

What would improve sector governance? How are decisions on governance structures likely to be made, in the virtually unbounded energy markets of the future? What are the government relations challenges for the power industry at this point, and how are they likely to be managed?


4:00 pm          Speed Mentoring

Adjacent to the Networking Centre, in the Bay room


5:00 pm          Reception in the Power Networking Centre

Hosted by TransCanada


6:00 pm          Banquet dinner

Hosted by BLG and Northland Power

Location: Frontenac Ballroom


7:00 pm          Banquet Keynote:

                        Hon. Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy


Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) Woman of the Year Award

The Hedley Palmer Award


8:00 pm          President's Mixer

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott LLP

Location: Power Networking Area outside Frontenac Ballroom



Tuesday, November 21, 2017:


8:00 a.m.         Daybreak Coffee

To be hosted by APPrO 2017 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event

Location: Pre-function area inside Frontenac Ballroom


8:45 a.m.         Opening session

Keynote speaker: Patrick Brown, Leader of the PC Party of Ontario (invited)


9:15 a.m.         Setting market renewal priorities, getting governance right

A progress report on the market renewal initiative to date. Are the priorities right? How can the process be improved? What issues are likely to drive the next phase of market development?


JoAnne Butler, Vice-President, Market and Resource Development, IESO

Moderator: Jonathan Erling, KPMG

Other speakers to be announced


Follow-up panel of market participants


Parallel program organized by QUEST, Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow:


9:45 am           Current issues in CHP development in Ontario

Update on the CHP market, including impact of Global Adjustment and the Fair Hydro Plan; Cap and Trade, Growth opportunities; micro-CHP and new technology.

Moderator: Richard Laszlo, Ontario CHP Consortium, QUEST

Other speakers TBA


10:30 a.m.       Coffee break

To be hosted by APPrO 2017 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event




10:45 am         Is it Time to Deregulate Local Generation?

 Is the growth of micro-grids and micro-utilities an opportunity or a threat for LDCs and local governments? How should LDCs and municipalities work to develop business models that will lead to successful and locally appropriate energy development? An open discussion on the realistic options for responsible approaches to Distributed Energy Resources.


Moderator: David McFadden, Gowling WLG

Gordon Kaiser, Former Vice Chair Ontario Energy Board, Chair NGEIR Deregulation Panel

Anthony Haines, President and CEO, Toronto Hydro

Adonis Yatchew, University of Toronto


Also under discussion:

* The Future of LDCs - Are Ontario LDCs ready to be platforms?

* What are the most proactive LDCs up to?

* Does Virtual Net Metering represent a viable path forward for future local generation development, and if so, what would its essential features be?



12 noon           Lunch in the Networking Centre

To be hosted by APPrO 2017 sponsors – click here for information on how to sponsor this event



1:00 pm          Powering the bottom line: Diversity solutions for Canada’s energy sector

Employment diversity is widely acknowledged as an effective strategy for spurring innovation, improving the bottom line, managing change and spurring a myriad of other benefits. This session will share the results of research illustrating the financial and organizational benefits of utilizing the entire skilled labour pool. It will outline EHRC’s Leadership Accord for Gender Diversity in the Electricity Sector, the benefits of involvement in this new program, applicable metrics and practical next steps in the Canadian context.


The business case for diversity as a whole: Rebecca Black and Joanna Osawe, Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE)

Tools available for use in the electricity sector: Michelle Branigan, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC)

Who's already doing what?: Lyne Parent-Garvey, Hydro Ottawa



1:30 pm          Alberta’s design process: What’s necessary to keep the market moving forward?

An assessment of progress in what could be Canada’s most rapidly changing power market. Is the legal framework keeping up with technology change? Timely reports from members of the AESO’s market design Working Groups. Advice for public policy makers.

Evan Bahry, Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta

Janene Taylor, TransCanada Energy

Kris Aksomitis, Power Advisory LLP



Parallel program organized by IETA, the International Emission Trading Association:


1:00 pm           Current issues in carbon trading

* Market/private sector-relevant highlights from the 2017 global UN climate talks (taking place the week before APPrO conference);

* US and Canadian carbon pricing landscapes and pricing forecasts;

* Highlights from California-US market experts on post-2020 cap and trade program legislation;

* Latest (US North East) Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) program review proposal;

* Latest near-term developments on Ontario’s market and compliance/voluntary offset program design

How businesses – in Ontario and beyond – are participating, including effective compliance, investing and hedging strategies, new finance streams/blended investments etc.

Moderator: Katie Sullivan, International Emission Trading Association

Other speakers TBA



2:30 pm          Coffee break

Hosted by Brookfield



3:00 pm          Political drivers building for Election 2018

 Are the parties likely to adjust the energy-related parts of their party platforms over the next six months, and if so, what role is public opinion likely to play in those changes?

 Are our systems for policy-making up to the challenge of a rapidly changing energy industry?

 What is right and what is wrong with the LTEP?

 When is it appropriate to subsidize electricity rates?

 What principles are on offer for improving governance in the sector?


Moderator: Sean Conway, Gowling WLG and the Centre for Urban Energy at Ryerson University


Opening Presentation: Greg Lyle, Innovative Research


Will Stewart, Navigator Limited

Tim Murphy, McMillan LLP

Peter Tabuns, MPP (invited)


4:30 pm          Conference Conclusion




All program details are subject to change without notice.

Please check  for the latest updates.




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