Todd Williams

Attending the Canadian Power Conference is key to getting the pulse of the Ontario power market.

At APPrO you will hear from the most expert and thoughtful speakers while making connections with important industry people who can help move your business forward.

Managing Director

Paul Grod

We've been participating for the past twelve years. [APPrO is] one of the best industry events held here in Ontario year after year.

Rodan Energy Systems

Bill Kovessy

We find it's very important to be here. We come back with a lot of new leads and re-establish connections. Definitely worth our while.

Business Developer
Co-Operative Education and Career Action, Waterloo University

Robert Stasko

[APPrO is] the showpiece event for electric power industry in Ontario.  It’s an ideal place to make some introductions.



Principal and CEO
Science Concepts International

James Gillis

[The APPrO Conference] helps you to stay current in the industry. You can always read as much as you want, but when you're hear and you're and listening to people speak that are intimately involved int he details that's very valuable. That's information that you wouldn't otherwise get.

Project Manager,
Doherty Engineering

Linda Bertoldi

BLG is proud to support APPrO's annual conference and I strongly recommend it to all electricity markets statekholders.

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Bonnie Hiltz

The APPrO Power Conference is a key event for energy sector players in Ontario. Attendees can always count on valuable networking opportunities, informed speakers and timely updates on industry developments.

Manager, Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs

Ron Groves

The networking opportunities are terrific. All the right people are here at the show. If you're looking to get some names, business cards and do some networking - APPrO's the show you want to be attending.

Manager - Outreach
Plug'n Drive

Anouk Kendall

The talent and experience at the APPrO indicates that Ontario business will quickly work through the wrinkles in the changing inudstry and turn change into huge opportunities.


Jerry Vaninetti

... a very positive experience... well organzied and managed and I''m pleased to have had the opportunity to participate.

Sr. Vice President
Transmission, Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc.

Michelle Branigan

APPrO is a well-organized event and participants are really engaged!


George Vegh

An excellent event.

McCarthy Tetrault

Scott Knapman

APPrO does a very good job of attracting informed speakers and having some very rich dialogue. I think that's the one of the reasons it's such a well-attended conference. It's because people can come here and have meaningful thoughtful discussions about items that are very topical for the industry.

Vice President
Horizon Energy Systems

Jan Carr

The APPrO event is one of the very best conferences the Power Industry has... It's a great honour to be part of it.

first CEO of the Ontario Power Authority

John MacFarland

This is where we've made a majority of our connections.... some of the other exhibitors were good people for us to talk to as well, which the Networking Centre better facilitated.

National Power Manager

David Asling-Snee

APPrO provides a ton of excellent information which we share within our organization.

Vice President
Northwind Solutions

Mike Lyle

[The APPrO conference] is always one of the highlights on the calendar of Ontario's electricity sector.

Vice President of Planning, Law & Aboriginal Relations

Jack Alexander

I really enjoy the [APPrO]conference. Got some excellent information and talked to a number of people I haven't seen for a number of years.

Veridian Connections Inc.

David Sword

[the Alberta Roundup session] was a very informative session and ....‘bang on’ in term of its content and material.

Ontario Advisor
CAPP - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Richard King

As moderator of the Gas Market panel, I appreciated the panelists’ presentations.  The session provided lots of substantive content, and set out the key issues facing the people in the room.  Like last year, I received very good feedback from attendees afterwards.

Partner, National Environmental, Regulatory and Aboriginal Group
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Joanna Osawe

At the APPrO Power Networking Centre, it's not the quantity of people, but the quality of contacts you meet. It was a great show that was truly beneficial for networking and gathering prospects.

Co-Founder & Co-Chair
WiRE - Women in Renewable Energy

Dan McGillivray

By all counts we were extremely pleased with this event.

Managing Director
Ontario Centres of Excellence

Commercial Service, Canadian Office

It is highly recommended that U.S. businesses seeking to participate in the Ontario energy industry attend APPrO’s conference.

U.S. Department of Commerce

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