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How to nominate your candidate

When submitting a name for consideration, please provide background information on the candidate’s history and qualifications, to assist the members of the Committee in their deliberations. We will treat all names submitted, and the supporting material, as confidential of course until there is agreement on what information to release. Please address submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a cc to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
A brief backgrounder on the Award is included below. An article about the Award is published on our website at this location.
Previous recipients have included Linda Bertoldi, Duncan Hawthorne, Dwight Duncan, John Brace, Finn Greflund, Sam Mantenuto and Jan Carr.  

General Description of the Hedley Palmer award
February 2019

The Hedley Palmer award was created by the Independent Power Producers’ Society of Ontario (IPPSO) in 1989 to honour an individual who in the judgment of the IPPSO Board had made an outstanding contribution to the independent power industry. It has been given to a different individual each year since then, almost always as a surprise, during the banquet dinner at the annual IPPSO or APPrO Conference.

Of course when IPPSO changed its name to APPrO in 2003 the award took on a broader significance, and it is now presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the power generation industry in Ontario.

We believe the Hedley Palmer Award is the highest honour in the power generation business in Canada.

Hedley Palmer was the Director of Marketing at Ontario Hydro for a number of years, and he held a number of other positions at Ontario Hydro before that. His work came to our attention particularly in the 1980's when he took a number of steps internally and externally which helped prepare Ontario Hydro to deal with other power suppliers besides itself, and which eventually led to the NUG program and RFP in 1988, although he played no direct role in those initiatives to our knowledge. He passed away in 2002.

Here is the complete list of past recipients:

Jeff Passmore 1989
Alex Juchymenko 1990
Dave De Montmorency 1991
Guy Couturier 1992
Jay Shepherd 1993
Bruce Ander 1994
Ron Dodokin (posthumously) 1995
Mike Dupuis 1996
Jim Temerty 1997
Steve Probyn 1998
Jake Brooks 1999
Allen Barnstaple 2000
David Boileau 2001
Dave Goulding 2002
Steve Snyder 2003
Duncan Hawthorne 2004
Dwight Duncan 2005
Paul Bradley 2006
John Brace 2007
Mike Crawley 2008
Duane Cramer 2009
Finn Greflund 2010
Rob Cary 2012
Jan Carr 2013
Sam Mantenuto 2014
Linda Bertoldi 2015
William Sutherland 2016
Rob McLeese 2017
Stephen Somerville 2018

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