Advance Conference Program as of November 6, 2019 (Details subject to change)


APPrO 2019

The Inflection Point

The 31st Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Centre

November 21 and 22, 2019

Westin Harbour Castle Hotel Conference Centre, Toronto, Ontario


Across the world the power grid is entering a period of major upheaval. Many believe the system is approaching a critical turning point driven by extensive electrification, vastly increased numbers of players, a shift in focus towards the grid edge, de-carbonization, the widespread deployment of game-changing storage, responsive energy management, digitization, sharing technology, new approaches for ensuring resource adequacy, and more.


How rapidly will these changes take place, how will they interact, and how to prepare for them? These are the opening questions for APPrO 2019. There’s little doubt that the future belongs to those who can see the inflection points ahead and put in place the necessary strategies to thrive in their wake.



Program overview:

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Day 1:

Opening keynote and panel

Technology-driven transformation

Keynote on Planning with Chuck Farmer, IESO

Planning Outlook and comment

Regulatory Outlook

Keynote with Peter Gregg, the CEO of the IESO

Resource Adequacy

The role of gas in a rapidly changing market

The Hon. Greg Rickford, Ontario Minister of Energy, APPrO 2019 banquet dinner and award presentations


Day 2:

Market Renewal

Political Issues

Keynote with Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate Power

Visionaries and Innovators


In the Power Networking Area:

Speed Mentoring

The DER Ecosystem – parallel conference

What is likely to keep innovation and development moving forward?

Revelations from recent deployments

Alectra on “Developing the Local Electricity Market

Advocacy priorities for DER development



Thursday, November 21, 2019


Electronic polls on policy priorities and participant views, such as:

a) The anticipated pace of electrification

b) The need for further regulatory modernization

c) The need for further options on resource adequacy

d) Is it possible that DERs could grow too rapidly, assuming there are no subsidies?

e) Other questions that arise during discussions (Please make suggestions on Slido)


8:00 am           Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by Sussex Strategy Group


Opening remarks by the APPrO 2019 Conference Chair

Stephen Somerville, H2O Power


8:30 am Opening Keynote


How industry is harnessing the power of new technology

Mike Ruszkowski, Enabling Technologies and Advanced Generation, EPRI, Electric Power Research Institute


9:00 am           Where proactive market participants can be expected to go next


Jack Simpson, Ontario Power Generation: SMRs and new business initiatives

Joshua Wong, Opus One Solutions: “Open source, cloud-based integrated distribution planning – Why its time has come”

Anouk Kendall, Decentralized Energy Canada

Frederick Morency, Vice President, Services Canada, Schneider Electric

Paul Murphy, MaRS Energy Board, Moderator


Opening plenary sponsor: Schneider Electric Canada Inc.



10:00 am         Coffee Break


Hosted by CES – Customized Energy Solutions



10:30 am         The Planning Outlook – Challenges and opportunities


Chuck Farmer, Director of Resource Planning, IESO


10:50 am         Ontario nuclear refurbishments – progress and prognosis

Jeff Richardson, Senior Vice-President of Nuclear Projects, Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG). 


Session Sponsor: Ontario Power Generation (OPG)


11:10 am         Views from the development industry

What are the top policy priorities as seen by representatives of the development industry, considering the Planning Outlook and recent changes in markets, regulation and policy?

Moderator: Shane Freitag, BLG Canada

Evan Bahry, Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta

Dave Butters, Association of Power Producers of Ontario

Vince Brescia, Ontario Energy Association


12:00               Lunch in the Power Networking Centre


1:00 pm           Rethinking Regulation

Seasoned emeriti of energy tackle the challenging issues of the day:

1. What new technologies will drive energy regulation in the future?

2. What should be regulated? What should not?

3. Do regulators have a role in promoting new technology? If so what is it?

4. What should we call electric distributors in the future?



Gordon Kaiser, CEO of the Alberta Market Surveillance Administrator and former Vice Chair of the Ontario Energy Board

Bob Dodds, Vice Chair, Ontario Energy Board

Ahmad Faruqui, The Brattle Group

Moderator: Ian Mondrow, Gowling WLG


2:15 pm           Keynote with Peter Gregg, CEO of the IESO


Followed by Q&A with moderator: What is the full range of viable resource adequacy options?


Cliff Hamal, Ankura

Pelino Colaiacovo, Morrison Park Advisors

Jon Norman, Hydrostor Inc.

Moderator: Jason Chee-Aloy, Power Advisory LLC


3:25 pm           Networking Break

Hosted by Morrison Park Advisors


3:45 pm           The role of gas-fired power in a rapidly changing market

A leading analyst overviews market opportunities and Ontario power producers outline their current thinking on why thermal power generation is attractive as part of their respective corporate strategies.


Joshua McCall, Fundamental Analytics Director, BP North America Gas and Power: The state of the market: Natural gas supply and deliverability for electric grid services


Chris Fralick, Chief Operating Officer, Renewable Generation, OPG

John Windsor, VP, Energy Marketing & Asset Management, Northland Power

Kelly S. Lail, VP, Business Development & Commercial, Capital Power Corporation


Jim Redford, VP, Energy Services, Enbridge Gas: The role of gas in the power system 2025 – 2035


Moderator: Rob Blackstein, BLG Canada


Session Sponsor: Enbridge Gas Inc.



Parallel session:


3:45 pm          Speed Mentoring

Hosted by WiRE (Women in Renewable Energy)

Back by popular demand: A unique opportunity for mentors to share knowledge about the Ontario power sector and for mentees (students & developing professionals) to learn about the energy sector from an experienced professional.

For more details see this link. To register, see this link.

Location: The Bay Room, adjacent to the Networking Centre



5:00 pm           Reception

Hosted by TC Energy


6:00 pm           Banquet Dinner

Co-hosted by Borden Ladner Gervais and Northland Power


Banquet speech by APPrO President Dave Butters


The WiRE Woman of Distinction Award


Keynote speech by the Hon. Greg Rickford

Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines and Minister of Indigenous Affairs


The Hedley Palmer Award


8:00 pm          President’s Mixer

Hosted by Stikeman Elliott



Friday, November 22, 2019


8:15 am           Daybreak Coffee

Hosted by CAPP, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers


8:45 am           The Market Renewal Design Process


Leonard Kula, VP of Planning, Acquisition and Operations and Chief Operating Officer, IESO

Energy Stream: Day Ahead Market and ERUC

Capacity Stream and the Transitional Capacity Auction


Panel of commentators

Margaret Kuntz, TC Energy

Sarah Griffiths, Enel X and AEMA

Teresa Sarkesian, President and CEO, Electricity Distributors Association

Moderator: Glenn Zacher, Stikeman Elliott LLP


10:00 am         Networking Break

Hosted by TransAlta


10:30 am         The Political Outlook


Opening presentation on the results of recent public opinion research

Greg Lyle, Innovative Research Group Inc.



Mitchell Davidson, Executive Director, StrategyCorp, and former head of policy for Premier Doug Ford

Brad Lavigne, Counsel Public Affairs, former Director of Strategic Communications for the Hon. Jack Layton

Matthew Gibson, Sussex Strategy Group, former advisor to Ontario Energy Minister John Baird

Dan Moulton, Crestview Strategy, former advisor to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli


Moderator: Mike Richmond, McMillan LLP, former adviser to Ontario Energy Minister Jim Wilson  


12:00 noon      Lunch


1:00 pm           Keynote: “Moving beyond polarization - The future of energy in Canada”

Featuring Dan Balaban, CEO of Greengate Power

- Renewable energy and fossil fuels: It’s not an either/or decision

- The age of subsidy-free, market-based renewables has arrived

- Financing models suited for the age of market based renewables

- The power of Virtual Reality to bridge the knowledge gap



1:30 pm           Visionaries and innovators – How they are remaking the power system

Where is the power sector going?

1. Potential shifts ahead in the relationship between the electricity, gas, telecommunication and security grids

2. To what extent can grid operators rely on customers for reliability and flexibility?

3. Where can the appeal of new business models overcome the cost of transition?

Cara Clairman, Plug N Drive

Vikram Singh, Head of Utility Partnerships, Microsoft Canada

Ron Dizy, Spark Power: “What our customers are telling us”

Kathleen Kauth, Peak Power

Moderator: Glen Spry, CEO & President, SensorSuite Inc.  Energy markets specialist



Results of Slido polls on:

a) The anticipated pace of electrification

b) The need for further regulatory modernization

c) The need for further options on resource adequacy

d) As long as there are no systematic subsidies to DERs, what would constitute too much too fast, for DERs in Ontario?

e) Other questions that arise during discussions


2:30 pm           Conclusion


Simultaneous joint programming in the Power Networking Centre:


The DER Ecosystem

Ontario symposium on enabling the future

November 21 and 22, 2019


Location: Queens Quay Room


Thursday, November 21, 2019


1:30 pm           What is likely to keep innovation and development moving forward?

Alif Gilani, Siemens Canada Limited

Kaliyur Sridharan, Schneider Electric Canada

Johnathon de Villier, Navigant Research: “Overview of energy specific blockchain applications with commercial promise”

Moderator: Jeff Mocha, Oakville Enterprises



3:00 pm           Coffee break


3:30     Revelations from recent deployments

Case studies

Fernando Carou, City of Toronto

Tilo McAlister, T&T Power Group

Jan Buijk, AB Energy

Stephen Costello, CIMA: The North Bay Micro-grid

Moderator: Richard Laszlo, QUEST CHP Consortium


5:00 pm           Conclusion



Friday, November 22, 2019


9:15 am           Developing the Local Electricity Market in York Region

Neetika Sathe, VP, GRE&T Centre, Alectra Utilities

Katherine Sparkes, Director of Innovation, Research and Development, IESO

Moderator: Michelle Branigan, CEO, Electricity Human Resources Canada


10:00 am         Networking Break

Hosted by TransAlta


10:15 am         Advocacy priorities for DER development

“What the associations need to do, to clear the path for DERs”

Jan Buijk, AB Energy

Jason Moretto, Envest

Shuvo Chowdhury, AMP

Other DER project proponents, TBA

Moderator: Jim MacDougall, Compass Renewable Energy Consulting


A co-presentation of APPrO and QUEST. This event is also a meeting of the QUEST DER Working Group.



11:15 am         Conference Conclusion


To register for the DER Conference only, click here.

Preferential rates are available for DER project proponents.




All program details are subject to change without notice.

Please check  for the latest updates.




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IESO - Independent Electricity System Operator


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