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APPrO promotes the interests of electricity generators within a truly open and competitive power industry in Ontario.

APPrO members play a pivotal role in the development of new capacity and the broader energy policies and market design which will underpin the success of Ontario’s electricity restructuring efforts. As an APPrO member you contribute to the development and communication of industry positions, and take part in industry initiatives and government consultations to ensure that your company's voice is heard.



IPPSO FACTO, is the "journal of record" for the Canadian power industry. Respected, trusted, and relied upon for relevant reporting and analysis of developments in this rapidly changing market.

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Where Ontario gets its power


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LTEP at risk of missing the mark on GHGs, contingency planning, and public consultation, Commissioner says

According to the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, the province’s approach to its Long Term Energy Plan needs to change substantially in order to meet current environmental and public consultation standards.   Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, delivered a remarkably tough...

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Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) becoming a hot topic at APPrO 2016

With little more than a week to go before the Canadian Power Conference, the Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) has become a major focus of attention for APPrO members and delegates alike. “We are seeing huge uptake from members of APPrO in the LTEP Working Group,” said APPrO Executive Director Jake Brooks....

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